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A/N: If it's in italics, it's in Spanish.
Arms crossed over his chest, Lovino walked down the street next to Antonio who had a bit of a spring in his step and was still smiling, looking at everything as they passed by. Especially Romano.

Romano couldn't help but give a small smile and chuckle a little at the way the Spainiard looked; he looked like a kid in a candy store. Or at least one going to a candy store. Who knows, maybe that's actually where they were going. He wouldn't put it past him to take them to a candy store when they were going out to "eat". It would have to be a pretty nice candy store though if he didn't want to be slapped upside the head by Lovino. Candy isn't "eating". Maybe after eating, a quaint little candy store would be passable, but before hand, he should expect to be yelled at.

"Well you seem pretty happy about this. Already know where we're headed?" Lovino said amused.

"I have an idea. I'm kind of glad the meeting was in Barcelona today so I already know the places around~ and I like the place we're going to." the smile in his voice was completely audible, and if you could see someone's mood Antonio's would look something like… sunshine, flowers, and other happy things.

"It's not a candy store is it?"

"Candy store? Lovi, we're going to eat. Candy isn't food, it's a snack if not desert. If you want to though, we could after."

"After-- What? No, I don't want to go to a candy store."

"Then why'd you bring it up?"

"Because… because you don't need to know why. Just forget I said anything."

"okay…" Antonio continued on walking and then stopped realizing he was getting ahead of Lovino. He waited for the other to catch up and then linked arms with him, smiling at the Italian's confused expression.

"W-What do you think you're doing?" Romano tried pulling away but to no avail, the damn Spaniard was stronger.

"You're falling behind, and I don't want to lose you."

Lovino flicked the thumbnail his arm that was free behind his teeth and now Antonio was the one with a confused expression.

"Lovi, what are you doing? Anyways, we'll be there soon now."

Lovino just rolled his eyes seeing as how Antonio seemed to have forgotten the gesture and kept walking arm in arm with him. It was a nice little walk. Antonio consistently hummed while they walked, and some of the songs had Lovino playing the lyrics in his head. All was fine and dandy until they came up to a building and Antonio unhooked their arms and instead took his hand, running up to said building.

"Well, here we are." They walked inside together and Antonio ordered them a table for two, which a pretty young brunette waitress showed them to their seats. The place didn't have too many people in yet since apparently they only just opened for the night shift, but it was nice. Really nice actually. The place had a sort of calm and cozy atmosphere about it.

When the waitress, Antonio, and Lovino arrived at their table she handed them their menus. Then with a slight nod of the head she walked away in order to tend to other guests.

"Hey, Antonio, what is this place called anyways?"

"Montiel Espai Gastronòmic"

"…sounds kind of fancy."

"Can I get anything to start you off?" The brunette waitress had returned and was smiling kindly at them. It was starting to look like that happy attitude was just a Spanish thing. However, Romano couldn't understand a word she said, for it was all in Spanish. There wasn't much he could remember of Spanish except for, "besame" but that probably wouldn't be too helpful when talking to or understanding the waitress.

"Umm… wine is the same in Spanish as it is Italian, right?" the Spaniard nodded his head as his answer to the question.

"Then… uhm… vino, por favor."

"What kind?"

"Uh… rojo… y bueno"

"I'm sorry, he doesn't speak the best Spanish. I think he just wants whatever you have that's good, but not too expensive. I have to pay for this. Ahaha~" Antonio was laughing with the waitress but about what, Romano had no idea.

"Oh, really? Well okay. Are you two on a date then?" the waitress inquired, not that Lovino would know, he still had no idea what they were saying.

"A date? Oh no, no… but I must admit, I kinda wish so, heh."

"You don't say? You looked like such a cute couple though, holding hands and all. Well I guess if you wish it were a date, that's at least something. You seem like you're make a great pair if you were."

"Think so? Well, I guess that's enough chit-chat, you should get going… I'd hate for you to get in trouble with your boss on my account."

"oh, right… I'll be back with your wine shortly"
the pretty little brunette girl turned to leave and Lovino questioned Antonio, "What was that all about?"

"All what, Lovi?"

"All that… that conversation."

"Oh, that was nothing~ nothing you need to worry about anyways. I just kind of clarified what you wanted."

"In that long of a conversation? Right… sure."

At that moment the girl came back with their wine and after setting it down on the table pulled out a notebook and pencil. "So, are you ready to order?" assuming she asked if they wanted to order Romano slowly nodded, watching to see how Antonio reacted and making sure he had the right reaction.

"Well, I'll have the Beef Sirloin, but I don't know about him. Lovi?"

"huh?" Panicked, Lovino glanced at the menu then just said, "I'll have whatever he's having…"

"I guess he'll just have the same. Oh, and could I also have some water? Thank you."

When Antonio looked back to Romano he was opening the bottle of wine. "What're you doing?"

"Getting some wine, what does it look like?"

"but we haven't even gotten our food yet."

"I don't really care, I'll have one glass before, and one glass after."

And so he did. By the time their food got there he was already a bit buzzed. It would appear his alcohol tolerance wasn't too high, but that made sense. Lovino isn't the biggest guy. All Antonio could think of smaller than him were his brothers. Seborgia may even have been bigger than him.

Not much was said while they ate, but Lovino seemed to be entertained by things easier, like randomly poking around his plate with his fork. He also stopped a couple times to stare across the table at Antonio. That is until Antonio took notice, then he would look off in another direction, or just continue eating.

When Romano finished eating he poured himself another glass of wine for himself and took a sip, "are you gonna have any of this or am I going to have to finish it all myself?"

Spain rolled his eyes and chuckled slightly, "if one glass for me means one less for you, I'll take it." With that being said he grabbed the wine bottle and poured himself a glass, taking a drink and then noticing Romano's was half gone, he sighed.

"What the hell are you sighing about?"

"Nothing… just… don't you think you should cool it with the drinking? What glass is that?"

"My third…"

"Third? This stuff is pretty strong for wine, you're drinking fast and… wait I only saw two."

"The maids at world meetings will get you just about anything; there I actually had a sangria, but still, same concept."

"I didn't know that… anything else I should know?"

"Yeah, I'm not going home tonight."


"Yeah, I saw the way my idiotic brother and the potato bastard walked out together. I don't want to get home to them all over each other. Bleh… makes me sick just thinking about it… besides, you always drink with those stupid friends of yours, so why can't I?"

"Well, okay, but—"



Antonio finished off his glass, and then took a sip of water. Lovino, who had been drinking between speech was about a third into his fourth glass. "Is that the last glass, Lovi?"

"Why? Does my drinking bother you that much? Well, I'm not a kid, so I can drink all I want!"

"No, I know you're not, but I'd rather have you safe at home drinking than in the city."

"Right well… yeah, this is the last glass." Antonio's words repeated in his head, 'I know you're not' so apparently he did recognize the fact that he wasn't a kid anymore. If that's so, then why did he always act like it by calling him cute and such? "Wait, but I told you I'm not going home. What do you mean 'safe at home'?"

"Well, if you're staying with me then my home kinda is your home for the night, right?

"I guess so…alright," he set down the empty wine glass and stood up, "let's go."

"What about the bill?"

"Pay on the way out!"

Antonio thought about it for a moment and then just stood up and walked with Lovino to the front, paying the girl, saying thank you to her and walking away with Lovino. But Lovino hadn't said his goodbye's, he turned around waving at her and winked, "Ciao, Bella~" The girl was a little taken aback, being that she originally thought he was with Antonio, but merely waved back and replied, "adios…"

"What was that?" Antonio asked once they were out of the restaurant.

"What was what?"

"That, saying- oh, never mind. Let's just get you home."

As they walked down the street Lovino tripped a couple times and Antonio could have sworn he heard him mutter, "Stupid ground, trippin' me…"

It was going to be a long night.
Oookay. So, the restaurant they're at a real place that I found through the magic of the internet~
when I found it on one of those travel sites that suggest places to eat, it specifically mentioned, "gay friendly" xD that's why the waitress asks if they're on a date, because otherwise people probably wouldn't think of that with two guys, but since that restaurant is "gay friendly" I went with it.

It's a nice looking place too. Antonio has nice choice in restaurants c: and it was so hard to find one that was open at the time I wanted! Damn siesta time... 'least that's what I'm blaming it on, I don't actually know.

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: Here
Chapter 3: [link]
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Italian food though, I LOVE Italian~ <3 who doesn't? so wonderful~

XD sound's like a plan! I wanna do that. Then to see the reaction I'd act all cute and be like, "I didn't mean to... f-forgive me? :iconbegplz:" and if he says no just cry and say, "you're a big meanie!" |3
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I'm glad you're looking forward to it c:
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